Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eliminate All Stuck Stools and Deflate Your Belly With a Single Spoonful of This!

The beneficial properties of lemon and chia seeds are recognized worldwide. So much so that they are considered “superfoods”. However, besides being beneficial for health in general, the combination of these two foods can be very effective for weight loss.

See below how to prepare that powerful natural remedy to deflate the belly with just ‘2 ingredients!

Natural remedy to belly disinflame based on 2 ingredients:

Lemon and chia! It is the only thing you will need to prepare this incredible natural remedy to deflate the belly.

The lemon shake and chia seeds is able to give you a huge number of benefits for your health.

Lemon is one of the best weight loss foods out there. This fruit has cleansing, alkalizing, and antioxidant properties.  All of these are complimentary to any diet.

When we are trying to lose weight, lemon helps us to digest and eliminate a good majority of fat. It also helps us fight liquid retention and gives us a feeling of fullness. This is good, since it reduces the temptation to snack all hours of the day.

We can use all parts the lemon. This includes the flesh and the peel. Because of this, we recommend you always use organic lemons. That way, you know that they don’t have any unwanted pesticides, waxes, or other chemicals.

In addition, the high fiber content present in the lemon is able to eliminate all kinds of toxins housed in our organism.


Chia seeds are a great food to help with weight loss. They let us lose weight in a healthy way. Chia seeds also help our intestines and can fight constipation. After all, it is good to have a clean colon.

These seeds help us reduce abdominal bloating so that our guts keep things moving. Chia seeds are also full of protein, fiber, and antioxidant compounds. These all make it a great food to eat.

To get the greatest effect, we should let them soak a few hours before eating them.

When these 2 incredible foods are combined, the results look like a real act of magic!

See below in detail, how to prepare this nutritious and detoxifying lemon and chia shake.


-A glass of water
-A spoonful of chia seeds
-One spoon lemon juice
-A spoonful of honey


Let the chia seeds hydrate by placing them for at least an hour in a glass of water.
After the set time, remove the seeds from the water and mix them with all other ingredients.

Bring the preparation to the blender, and blend for a few seconds.
Drink this powerful natural remedy to deflate the belly every morning on an empty stomach.

It is important that the lemon and chia milkshake is prepared at the same time that you are going to ingest it.

We assure you that in just a few days, your body will be another!

And of course you complement this powerful natural treatment with some daily physical exercise!

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