Friday, June 23, 2017

This Woman Couldn’t Get Out of Bad for Her Strong Joint Pains – Until She Started Taking THIS!!!

All the experts this woman had visited were giving her dozens of recipes for dozens of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat her unbearable joint pains, but all she ever got was momentary relief. Her diagnosis? A well-known health problem that’s been present for ages.

She suffered from arthritis, but had decided not to give up, even after her ordeal with unsuccessful cures, and was ready to do anything in her power to find the appropriate treatment for her terrible state.

Fortunately, she stumbled upon this natural remedy for arthritis that not only eliminated her pains and symptoms completely, but also removed the-after effects of the disease. According to her, this drug is all you need needed to set yourself free from that horrible pain in your joints.


– 1 Medium-sized eggplant

– 1 liter of water


Wash your eggplant, cut it to the top and then put it in a bowl full of boiling water. Leave it there until the hot water has cooled down. Save about 750 ml of liquid in the fridge and you can use the remaining 250 ml for external applications.

If you want to use it externally also, do the following:

You need the same ingredients as above, plus 50 ml of olive oil. Just mix 250 ml of the fluid you saved in the previous step with some olive oil. Then, just put the resulting mixture in your fridge.

For internal use, stick to these exact guidelines:

– 250 ml in the morning on an empty stomach;

– 250 ml during lunch;

– 250 ml in the evening;

For external use, you have to apply the remedy to your problem areas in the evening, before going to bed. Just rub the solution on the affected area and place a clean cloth over it overnight.

After just 20 days of using this treatment, you will be able to regain movement in your knees and legs. The pain and inflammations should also disappear completely.

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