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Swedish scientist Abbe Küenzi claims that nettle would have long disappeared from the face of the earth, if it didn’t have a sting. Animals and insects would have eaten them long ago. We once gave an advice to a mother of seven children, who suffered from headaches and eczemas since her last birth to enter nettle into her diet. In a short time, her eczemas and headaches were gone. The reason we gave this advice to her was that since eczemas and migraines are caused by internal factors, they should be treated by taking herbs that have the power to cleanse the blood.

Nettle is the best plant for cleaning and improving your blood count. It has a positive effect on the pancreas and can helps to lower your blood sugar, but it can also treat inflammations of the urinary tract and stimulate bowel movements. This is why nettle is recommended when you want to spring clean your organism.

In herbal medicine nettle is used for treating the liver and bile, sleep disorders, tumors in the spleen, stomach cramps, ulcers, lung diseases, etc. It is also very helpful with viral and bacterial infections.

If you have low iron levels in your body and you feel tired and stressed, nettle is exactly what you need! Nettle contains plenty of iron and has successfully been used in anemia cases. After some time of using nettle, you will start feeling full of energy and health again.

We once had a young woman come to us, who looked anemic. In addition to iron deficiency, she also had stomach and gallbladder problems as well as headaches. Thus, we recommended her nettle. After a while back we met her and she enthusiastically said that nettle tea has helped her recover quickly.  She soon had the whole of her family turned to natural treatments.


-1 kg of nettles

– 2 lemons

-2 apples

-0.5 kg of sugar

-2 gelling agents


Cook your nettles (but briefly) along with the apples.

Once you do, mash them both together.

Weigh your mashed mixture and add half of its mass in sugar and half of its mass in water that you’ve previously added your lemon juice in (with the peels). Then add your gelling agent according to the weight and instructions.

Pour it while hot in warm and sterile jars.

Furthermore, because nettle is a diuretic it can therefore be used with dropsy as well. It re-builds your blood count and is thus beneficial in many blood-related diseases. And when it is combined with other herbs, nettle can also be successfully used to treat leukemia. People, who suffer from allergies, including hay fever, are also recommended to drink nettle tea.

“Nettle reduces your susceptibility to colds and helps with rheumatism and gout. One of my patients suffering from sciatica and was under medical care for three years. She started doing nettle baths (200 g nettle in bathing water) and was healed within 6 months.

A lady, aged 50, had such a thing hair that she had to wear a wig. She was recommended to wash her hair with a special mixture made of nettle tea and concentrated nettle roots. She took our advice, and her hair started getting denser every week.

Nettle is likewise very helpful for vascular diseases, like Berger’s disease. Many people can avoid amputations if they have nettle bath regularly. Any spasm, wherever it appears, is a sign of poor circulation. When such symptoms appear, you are recommended to have nettle baths.

The baths are also recommended for coronary heart diseases. Just enter your tub and bathe the area around ​​the heart with hot nettle tea. As you do this, gently massage your heart.

Once we spoke to a 50-year-old woman from Bavaria. The woman already had a fistula for 28 years, which brought her great pains. Her fistula was on the cheekbones, and the operation was not possible. At our recommendation, the woman began to collect young nettle and brew her tea. She drank three cups of tea a day with 1 teaspoon of Swedish bitter. She wrote the following herself: “Exactly two weeks after, the fistula was gone and I was without pains. It (fistula) never came back. ”

Once we came by an elderly gentleman who got over the flu 3 years ago but after suffered terrible headaches. No drugs were helping. Even injections were not helpful. Over time, the headaches were getting worse, and the man was thinking about suicide. I recommended him to eat nettle honey two times a day. After 4 days the man called and said that he never felt better in his life!

For sciatica, arthritis, lumbago and neuritis in the hands and feet, just dab the affected area with freshly picked nettles. You can also make a hot bath with nettle.

Unfortunately, in modern societies, people just ignore them and walk past them and instead use analgesics, even excessively.

But you don’t need to wait for a disease to appear to start using it. Cancer will not have any chance, if we learn to appreciate the nettle sooner that it’s late. Thus, take our advice: start eating your nettle honey today.

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