Saturday, May 13, 2017

Powerful Papaya Seeds Home Recipe for Complete Liver and Kidney Detox

These bean-shaped (Kidney) is the most important organs of the body, balance body waters, form urine, remove waste from the blood, and helps to fulfil other very important functions of human body. Kidneys are placed against the muscles in the upper abdominal void of the body. When it comes to workings of the urinary or extraction system of the body, the kidneys are multi-functional livewires of the main human body activity.

Same goes with the liver, it is the meaty organ of the body which locates at the right side of the abdominal area and it filters the blood stream coming from the digestive system, before that blood moves to the rest of the body. The other most important and foremost functions kidneys and liver performs are:
  • These two organs help the body to remove the toxin materials from the body, which are obviously not very good for your body and can be very harmful.
  • Kidneys and liver balance out the water level of the body. And consuming less water might directly harm these two organs.
  • After filtering the blood, they transfer the blood in the other parts of the body and that’s how the red blood cells regulate in the body.
  • The liver regulates the metabolic rate of the body and helps you keep going.
These were the only few functions because it will take hours if I write all of them, so it is very much important to take care of liver and kidneys by removing toxins from them. There are many ways of detoxification of the body. And the best way to do that detoxifies them with the help of papaya seeds.

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya fruit seeds are rich in multi-nutritional benefits and are used to cure a lot of diseases like liver cirrhosis, killing and removing belly worms, curing dengue fever and a lot of them. They are packed with antioxidants that detoxify the body from harmful materials in no time. So next time you get a papaya doesn’t throw the seeds away.

Papaya Seed Recipe – Detoxification Process

Ingredients You Need:

  • Papaya Seeds
  • Warm Water
  • Lemon


Take a handful or more of papaya seeds and let them dry in sunlight than crush them in the blender and save in airtight glass bottle. Use ½ tsp of this mixture in a glass of warm water and half a lemon every morning to protect your kidneys and liver from toxins and help them stay healthy.

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