Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It Is Known As “God’s Gift” Because It Treats Many Illnesses! Just Prepare Tea!

Medicinal plants have been used for many years, especially because people used them to treat various illnesses. The Mayan civilization was one of them and they especially used one plant: millennial cultures that were recovering of many illnesses with them, as the Mayan, who were using one especially: the chaya or otherwise known as tree spinach.

The woman was dealing with a cyst in her right breast for years, and nothing helped until she started taking the plant. Chaya made her cyst disappear in only 3 months, and she was feeling much better after only 3 days of the treatment.


Treats and prevents anemia;
Cures asthma;
Improves eyesight and brain function;
Improves the calcium levels in the body;
Is very helpful in cases of osteoporosis;
Can regulate the blood sugar levels and treat diabetes;
Treats sore throat and throat infections;
Prevents headaches;
Regulates your cholesterol levels and reduces the levels of uric acid in the blood;
Balances the metabolic system;
Prevents varicose veins;
Prevents hemorrhoids;
Detoxifies the liver;
Helps children grow.

The chaya, also known as tree spinach, is a perennial shrub that grows rapidly and originates from Mexico. Although it is not well-known, this shrub possesses incredible health benefits and can treat numerous illnesses and conditions.



2 cups of water
6 chaya leaves


Put the water in a pan and leave it to boil. Then, add the leaves and leave the mixture to boil again for additional 10 minutes. Strain it and leave it to cool down a little bit. That’s it! Enjoy the rich taste and exceptional benefits!

Note: It is not recommended to cook the chaya in aluminum paper, because it produces a poisonous reaction provoking diarrhea. You better cook it in mud, pewter, glass, etc.

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