Friday, April 21, 2017

Stop Using Q-tips! Put These Two Ingredients in Your Ear to Get Rid of Earwax and Ear Infections!

When you hear the words earwax or ear infection you probably get goosebumps and freak out a little, but don’t worry we all do that. Ear hygiene or the lack of it isn’t really the best subject to strike up a conversation. And what’s there to discuss, we all have excess earwax and we all use Q-tips to remove it, it’s not rocket science. However, you’ll be surprised to hear that Q-tips are a big NO-NO when it comes to earwax removal and there is a safer and healthier way to remove the earwax without complications.

But let’s look at what earwax is first, and then we’ll share the easiest way to eliminate it and keep your ears healthy and clean.STOP USING Q-TIPS! PUT THESE TWO INGREDIENTS IN YOUR EAR TO GET RID OF EARWAX AND EAR INFECTIONS!

The glands in our ear canal produce the yellow buildup we call earwax. It’s produced in order to prevent dust and other foreign particles from reaching and infecting our eardrums. We all have earwax, but some produce more than others. And what do we do with the excess earwax our ear glands produce? We remove it with Q-tips.

Q-tips are definitely not the best way to clean your ears and that’s true for two reasons. First, they can damage the ear drum. The ear drum is located at the end of the ear canal and it’s much closer to the surface than you might think. It’s a very delicate part and it’s very easy to damage or even rupture it with a cotton swab. There have been countless of cases where people have caused injury to their eardrum because they’ve pushed the Q-tip too far and too forcibly. Another reason is because Q-tips don’t actually clean the earwax, they just push it deeper in the ear canal causing different complications. All they do is remove the superficial layer of earwax and nothing more. Pushing the earwax deeper can lead to earwax blockage which can manifest through decreased hearing, dizziness, ear pain, ringing in the ear, and itching or drainage from the ear canal.

If you take a box of cotton swabs you can see that they’re not recommended for ear canal cleaning. Just read the warning label, it says Do not insert swab into the ear canal. Entering the ear canal can cause injury. So, how could we have been mistaken for so long? And how else are we going to clean the earwax? Luckily, for you we’re here to offer you the simplest and most effective solution for your troubles. All you need is 2 ingredients which you probably have at home.

-Distilled white vinegar
-Rubbing alcohol
-Cotton ball

Take a small bowl and mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the solution. Place your head so that the ear you’re cleaning faces upward and squeeze a few drops of the solution in the ear. Remain in that position for 4-5 minutes and straighten your head. Gently remove the excess liquid that drips from your ear.

This mixture will dissolve the earwax completely naturally and gently and will prevent any injury to the eardrum. Remember this advice and from now on forget about the Q-tips.

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  1. Hydrogen Peroxide works in the same way. My doctors recommend it, too.