Friday, March 10, 2017


People are always in dilemma which type of milk they should drink, it is better to consume the regular cow milk, or it is better to switch on almond or rice milk. Even we thought that dairy milk is the best one, if we compare it with rice milk we are going to make clear distinction that the rice milk has better taste, it is thinner and has better more normal texture. It never makes gasses or other stomach problems too.

These days we have various types of milk. We can choose between almond, rice, coconut or hemp milk and all of them are healthier than the daily variation. The new lifestyle also promotes vegan form of nutrition that offers other types of milk. All these non-dairy milks showed to be better options. You must try them.

If there is someone that still does not believe that cow’s milk can be unsafe milk and sometimes can make greater problems than just bacteria then you should tell him about the facts that you are going to read now.

6 Reasons you need to stop drinking dairy milk


The cow’s milk that is usually presented as helpful for the bones has in fact the opposite effect. It can cause problems since the pasteurization process makes loses of the calcium amounts and because of that our body does not absorb enough calcium required for bone strength and health. The calcium is neutralized and the bones only get other unwanted ingredients.


Homemade dairy milk is good, while that one that we buy from the markets is not the same. The pasteurized one does not have healthy bacteria since it is killed in the process made in the factories for milk packaging. This type of milk from the other side contains hard proteins that are processed in the factories and are hard for digesting. Because of this they stay stored in the body and are accumulated as fats.


Packed milk from cows is real bomb of antibiotics and hormones that act as prevention of the milk long lasting period. The problem here is that these added ingredients kill the healthy bacteria and other healthy ingredients that are otherwise helpful for the immunity and metabolism. Now you can imagine what their opposite effect can do to the body.


Cow’s milk is one of the most wide spread allergens. Around 60% of total population cannot properly digest it and the situation is even worse with the small kids that are intolerant on lactose and if these is not prevented on time these allergic reaction sometimes can lead to severe problems.


Pasteurized cow’s milk also does contains some needed nutrients. Since it is also full of hormones and the same pack releases chemicals or other ingredients the whole texture of the milk is heavy and the more sensitive organisms cannot respond properly to it. As result skin issues appear. The most common are psoriasis, irritations, acnes, rashes or skin tags.


The worst thing that pasteurized cow’s milk can do to human population is to cause cancer development. Recent studies proved that the regular consumption of unhealthy milk leads to increased risk of breast and prostate cancer. And of you think that children are the most sensitive group of milk you are wrong, since the adults are in the same position. Immune system of all generations works on the same way and it is unable to defend itself from the increased level of chemicals added into the body or increased level of inflammation.

When in doubt what to buy we recommend you to decide about organic milk. If you are able to buy home produced milk, from some country or local farm then do it, otherwise buy rice milk. For your own good.

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