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As we age, it’s not unusual to enjoy ache within the bones. The ache can from time to time be intense and might intrude with your every day sports. except getting old, bone ache can arise because of other motives as nicely.

Doctors only treat the ache, however often have no answer for the underlying problem. Painkillers paintings handiest temporarily and aren’t an extended-term answer, however happily for you, we have a simple herbal drink in an effort to reduce the pain to your bones and regenerate your connective tissues!

This first-rate remedy will lessen the ache for your joints and bones fast and successfully and most significantly, with none facet-results. Our knees aid eighty% of our body weight and are suffering from the standard each day put on and tear. Fortuitously, the herbal remedy we have for you could lessen the pain quick and repair your knees, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. Right here’s how to put together it:


2 tablespoons of gelatin

3 tablespoons of raisins

4 tablespoons of sesame seeds

8 tablespoons of flaxseeds

40 gr. of pumpkin seeds

200 gr. of honey


Wash all of the seeds well and position them in a blender, then upload the other substances and mix until you get a homogenous aggregate. Pour it right into a container and keep the remedy in the refrigerator. Take 2 tablespoons of it every day until the pain is completely long gone.

The treatment will provide consequences after only a few days. It’s going to also accelerate your metabolism and help you lose weight, in that way lowering the burden for your knees.


We may all be familiar with the fact that fats and carbohydrates play a huge role in weight gain. However, sugars are also responsible for weight gain. In addition, increased intake of sugars often leads to rapid weight gain.

These days, sugar is found in almost every food and drink we consume, such as honey, raisins, fruit juices, fruits like mangoes and bananas, and many others.

Nevertheless, weight gain is not the worst result of excessive sugar consumption. Sugar intake also contributes to experiencing health issues, for instance, fatigue, depression, sleepiness, mental disorientation, hyperactivity, yeast infection, headaches, and sinus issues. Moreover, the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer increases if excessive amounts of sugar are consumed.


In order to function properly, the body needs sugar. But, the body only needs a part of it that is used for energy, and the rest stores in the body in the form of fat. Excessive sugar consumption often leads to useless fat on the face, hips, thighs, and waist.

It is not that easy to say NO to sugar, especially if you are addicted to it. At first, you may experience headaches, sadness, fatigue, and cravings for sugar, which is common in giving up on any addiction. For that reason, it is not wise to cut out all sugar products at the same time, but one by one.


Here is a three-day sugar detox plan:


Breakfast: One cup of oats with seeds, almonds, or berries, or three scrambled or boiled eggs

Snack: a bowl of nuts

Lunch: Chicken breast with lightly cooked butternut squash, carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, beans, and almonds.

Dinner: Salmon with fried broccoli and mushrooms, or broiled fish with a bowl of green beans


Breakfast: One cup of  oats (steel cut) with seeds and berries or almonds, or three scrambled eggs with spinach

Snack: a bowl of nuts

Lunch: Grilled zucchini with peppers (yellow and red) with a lemon, thyme and vinegar dressing, or a shredded cabbage (red or green) salad and carrots, olive oil, salt, and lemon juice and chopped parsley

Dinner: Green vegetables cooked by steaming with a vegetable casserole and bean soup, or baked cod with stir-fried bok Choy and roasted Brussels sprouts and turnips


Breakfast: One cup of  oats (steel cut) with seeds and berries or almonds, or an omelet made of three eggs with shrimp and a salad made of sautéed kale, radish, and walnut.

Snack: a bowl of nuts

Lunch: Chicken thighs roasted with sage, lemon, and rosemary, or roasted chicken with onion, thyme, and black olives

Dinner: Vegetable broth consisted of onion, garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, and bay leaves with mushrooms, or penne pasta with brown rice with a sauce made of basil, mushrooms, and tomato

You may replace sugary drinks with the following sugar detox drinks and consume them on a daily basis:

  • Fill one jar with water, add some fresh rosemary or mint, and chop some of the following fruits: blueberries, strawberries, oranges, or grapefruits.
  • Another alternative is drinking green or herbal tea three times a day without any sugar.
  • You should not drink more than one cup of black unsweetened coffee a day.

Here’s What Will Happen If You Ate Only ONE Boiled Egg Today!

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can find as they can provide your body with many health benefits due to their high concentration of essential minerals and vitamins.

If you’ve never really believed eggs are beneficial for you, here are only a few of the most important health benefits of eating eggs to help you reconsider:

Eggs are loaded with choline

This important nutrient promotes brain health as well as stimulates other nutrients that can delay the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

One study that involved more than 2,000 adults in the 70s showed that increased choline levels lead to better performances on cognitive sensory tests as they increase sensory and perception speed, and executive functions in the brain.

Eggs can prevent breast cancer and heart diseases

The Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill conducted a research which found that choline is also beneficial to heart health and can prevent breast cancer.

Eggs can help you lose weight

Although some people are afraid that eggs have a high fat content, they can actually help you with your weight loss process. They are indeed one of the best foods that aid in reducing stomach fat.

Namely, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition published a study that showed that people who eat protein-rich breakfasts with eggs can better control food cravings later in the day but also have less need for calories.

Eggs keep your muscles strong

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders and those who use weights to exercise consume plenty of eggs in their diet? It’s because eggs help muscles grow and remain strong.

Eggs are great for your eyes

A single egg yolk contains powerful antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin, all of which help protect your eyesight and maintain optimal eye health. They are associated with a reduced risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, which are the leading contributors to blindness and visual impairments in older people.

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Cucumber, Ginger And Mint Powerful Slimming Lemonade

Here in this article we are giving you the perfect solution for losing extra weight and improving your health. We are talking about a cucumber, ginger and mint lemonade.

Ingredients you will need:
  • 2 liters of water
  • 4 lemons
  • 1 ginger root
  • 1 cucumber
  • 10 leaves of mint

Cut the cucumber, ginger and one lemon in small slices. Express the remaining three lemons. Then add the cucumber, the lemon, ginger, the juice and mint leaves in a water. Mix the mixture well. Put it in a fridge for 6 hours. After that strain the lemonade and drink it.

Cucumber is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. It is made up of 95 % water. Cucumber is rich in vitamin K, vitamins B, copper, potassium, vitamin C and manganese.

Healthy benefits of cucumber:
  • Hydrates our body
  • Improves the blood flow
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Improves the digestion
  • Fights free radicals
  • Fights inflammations
  • Protects our brain
  • Reduces stress
  • Freshens our breath
  • Provides weight loss
Ginger has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used for years as a dietary spice which provides weights loss.

Ginger contains a compound known as a gingerol which provides numerous of benefits for our body, some of them are:
  • Improves digestion
  • Relives nausea
  • Fights inflammation
  • Reduce pain
  • Boost metabolism
  • Provides brain health
  • Improves cardiovascular functions
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Regulates blood sugar
Lemons have a numerous health benefits for our body. They not only help us lose weight, they also help detoxifying our body and stimulate our well-being. Lemons improve our natural beauty and make us look younger.

They are rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium

Lemon health benefits:
  • Lemons balances the pH levels in our Body
  • They help soothe the digestive system
  • Lemons are rich in vitamin C
  • Lemons a great source of citric acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
  • They improve the health of our colon
  • Fights infections
  • Protects us from colds
  • Detox our body
  • They strengthen the liver by providing energy to liver enzymes when they are too dilute
  • Lemons help reduce pain and inflammation in the joints and knees
  • The potassium content in lemon helps nourish brain and nerve cells.
  • Taking a glass of lemon juice, in case of a heart burn, gives us relief.
  • Relive the problem of indigestion and excess gas
  • They help balance the calcium and oxygen levels in the liver
  • In a case of pregnant, lemons help building strong bones in a child.
  • Lemons help dissolve gall bladder stones
  • They prevent the formation of wrinkles and acne
  • Maintain eye health
  • Lemons can treat sore throat
  • Aids in the production of digestive juices
  • Lemon has an alkalizing effect on the body
  • Lemons juice helps replenish body salts
  • Helps purify the blood
  • Improve sleep
  • Aids in the reduction of phlegm
  • Lemons stimulates muscle functions


Swedish scientist Abbe Küenzi claims that nettle would have long disappeared from the face of the earth, if it didn’t have a sting. Animals and insects would have eaten them long ago. We once gave an advice to a mother of seven children, who suffered from headaches and eczemas since her last birth to enter nettle into her diet. In a short time, her eczemas and headaches were gone. The reason we gave this advice to her was that since eczemas and migraines are caused by internal factors, they should be treated by taking herbs that have the power to cleanse the blood.

Nettle is the best plant for cleaning and improving your blood count. It has a positive effect on the pancreas and can helps to lower your blood sugar, but it can also treat inflammations of the urinary tract and stimulate bowel movements. This is why nettle is recommended when you want to spring clean your organism.

In herbal medicine nettle is used for treating the liver and bile, sleep disorders, tumors in the spleen, stomach cramps, ulcers, lung diseases, etc. It is also very helpful with viral and bacterial infections.

If you have low iron levels in your body and you feel tired and stressed, nettle is exactly what you need! Nettle contains plenty of iron and has successfully been used in anemia cases. After some time of using nettle, you will start feeling full of energy and health again.

We once had a young woman come to us, who looked anemic. In addition to iron deficiency, she also had stomach and gallbladder problems as well as headaches. Thus, we recommended her nettle. After a while back we met her and she enthusiastically said that nettle tea has helped her recover quickly.  She soon had the whole of her family turned to natural treatments.


-1 kg of nettles

– 2 lemons

-2 apples

-0.5 kg of sugar

-2 gelling agents


Cook your nettles (but briefly) along with the apples.

Once you do, mash them both together.

Weigh your mashed mixture and add half of its mass in sugar and half of its mass in water that you’ve previously added your lemon juice in (with the peels). Then add your gelling agent according to the weight and instructions.

Pour it while hot in warm and sterile jars.

Furthermore, because nettle is a diuretic it can therefore be used with dropsy as well. It re-builds your blood count and is thus beneficial in many blood-related diseases. And when it is combined with other herbs, nettle can also be successfully used to treat leukemia. People, who suffer from allergies, including hay fever, are also recommended to drink nettle tea.

“Nettle reduces your susceptibility to colds and helps with rheumatism and gout. One of my patients suffering from sciatica and was under medical care for three years. She started doing nettle baths (200 g nettle in bathing water) and was healed within 6 months.

A lady, aged 50, had such a thing hair that she had to wear a wig. She was recommended to wash her hair with a special mixture made of nettle tea and concentrated nettle roots. She took our advice, and her hair started getting denser every week.

Nettle is likewise very helpful for vascular diseases, like Berger’s disease. Many people can avoid amputations if they have nettle bath regularly. Any spasm, wherever it appears, is a sign of poor circulation. When such symptoms appear, you are recommended to have nettle baths.

The baths are also recommended for coronary heart diseases. Just enter your tub and bathe the area around ​​the heart with hot nettle tea. As you do this, gently massage your heart.

Once we spoke to a 50-year-old woman from Bavaria. The woman already had a fistula for 28 years, which brought her great pains. Her fistula was on the cheekbones, and the operation was not possible. At our recommendation, the woman began to collect young nettle and brew her tea. She drank three cups of tea a day with 1 teaspoon of Swedish bitter. She wrote the following herself: “Exactly two weeks after, the fistula was gone and I was without pains. It (fistula) never came back. ”

Once we came by an elderly gentleman who got over the flu 3 years ago but after suffered terrible headaches. No drugs were helping. Even injections were not helpful. Over time, the headaches were getting worse, and the man was thinking about suicide. I recommended him to eat nettle honey two times a day. After 4 days the man called and said that he never felt better in his life!

For sciatica, arthritis, lumbago and neuritis in the hands and feet, just dab the affected area with freshly picked nettles. You can also make a hot bath with nettle.

Unfortunately, in modern societies, people just ignore them and walk past them and instead use analgesics, even excessively.

But you don’t need to wait for a disease to appear to start using it. Cancer will not have any chance, if we learn to appreciate the nettle sooner that it’s late. Thus, take our advice: start eating your nettle honey today.

This Woman Couldn’t Get Out of Bad for Her Strong Joint Pains – Until She Started Taking THIS!!!

All the experts this woman had visited were giving her dozens of recipes for dozens of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat her unbearable joint pains, but all she ever got was momentary relief. Her diagnosis? A well-known health problem that’s been present for ages.

She suffered from arthritis, but had decided not to give up, even after her ordeal with unsuccessful cures, and was ready to do anything in her power to find the appropriate treatment for her terrible state.

Fortunately, she stumbled upon this natural remedy for arthritis that not only eliminated her pains and symptoms completely, but also removed the-after effects of the disease. According to her, this drug is all you need needed to set yourself free from that horrible pain in your joints.


– 1 Medium-sized eggplant

– 1 liter of water


Wash your eggplant, cut it to the top and then put it in a bowl full of boiling water. Leave it there until the hot water has cooled down. Save about 750 ml of liquid in the fridge and you can use the remaining 250 ml for external applications.

If you want to use it externally also, do the following:

You need the same ingredients as above, plus 50 ml of olive oil. Just mix 250 ml of the fluid you saved in the previous step with some olive oil. Then, just put the resulting mixture in your fridge.

For internal use, stick to these exact guidelines:

– 250 ml in the morning on an empty stomach;

– 250 ml during lunch;

– 250 ml in the evening;

For external use, you have to apply the remedy to your problem areas in the evening, before going to bed. Just rub the solution on the affected area and place a clean cloth over it overnight.

After just 20 days of using this treatment, you will be able to regain movement in your knees and legs. The pain and inflammations should also disappear completely.

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This Woman Drank a Glass of Tomato Juice Every Day for 2 Months: The Result is Amazing! (RECIPE included)

We all know the powerful properties of tomatoes, and there are many reasons why they are considered to be super foods. However, to examine all their beneficial effects, experts from the University of Taiwan decided to try an experiment. They made a group of women of different ages, weight and origin, and gave them one glass of tomato juice (250 ml) every day for two months.

The first noticeable change was significant weight loss, which happened due to fat deposit removal from the body, not fluids, as experts explained.

Scientists who conducted the experiment reveal that “The women who took part in this experiment did not change their eating habits or workout routines, but the results were visible in only a few days.”

Moreover, these women had their blood drawn at the beginning and the end of the experiment. So, according to scientists’ claims, the esults were — “significantly reduced cholesterol levels, along with increased levels of lycopene – an antioxidant in tomatoes, which offers a number of health benefits.”

The results of this experiment surprised everyone. Namely, tomato offers numerous benefits for our health. A single glass of tomato juice every day strengthens your immune system, protects against heart disease, but also reduces the risk of developing cancer.

In addition, this refreshing drink prevents bladder, pancreas, liver and lung diseases, helps with indigestion, prevents fluid retention and improves overall health.

Tomato juice significantly reduces the cough, prevents anemia, relieves rheumatic symptoms and improves the blood count. Furthermore, it is great for your skin and a radiant complexion. Moreover, tomato contains potassium, calcium, vegetable proteins and carbohydrates as well as the essential vitamin C.

It’s also a great remedy for muscle spasms because it’s is rich in magnesium – 11 mg per 100 grams. So, if you had a exhausting workout, just drink some tomato juice and your muscle pain will disappear.


– 6 kilos of tomatoes

– two tablespoons of salt

– 4 tablespoons of sugar

Method of preparation:

First, remove the stems and wash the tomatoes in cold water, and then cut and grind them. Add the salt and sugar and let it cook, but stir frequently to prevent burning. Then, after it boils, cook for 10 more minutes and stir all the time. Put the hot, cooked tomato juice into a sterilized glass bottle and close tightly. When cooled, store the bottles in a cool place. This homemade tomato juice will, without doubt, change the way you look and feel. Nevertheless, if you opt for buying your tomato juice, make sure it is organic, as the effects won’t be full.