Friday, July 21, 2017

Natural Allopathic medicine: the power to heal and cure cancer

There has never been a more important time for all systems of healing to integrate and bring their best practices to the forefront. Practitioners of allopathic medicine should be working directly with naturopaths to put patients first and get to the root causes of human suffering and disease. Good medicine should strive vigorously to do no harm to patients, while providing the knowledge and pathways for individuals to heal themselves. Healthcare should empower patients with strong mindset, not fear of disease. The system should work to prevent health problems before they arise, instead of trying to capitalize on managing and creating new problems. The system should respond with precision when intervention is only absolutely necessary.

Integrating the best of all systems of healing for patient and caregiver empowerment

Today’s allopathic system oftentimes seems like a cult, heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies. Allegiant to synthetic drugs and standard procedures, MD’s often shun anything that’s natural. Likewise, natural-minded cults tend to shun any medicine put together by chemists, even though intervention is sometimes needed in emergency situations.

In today’s Western allopathic system, the method of treatment is a top-down standard and doesn’t always consider a patient’s individual circumstances, toxicity, and deficiency. Faith is put in diagnoses labels and chemical treatments that wreck the body with new side effects. With the rising popularity of osteopathic medicine, there is greater emphasis on treating the individual, mind, body, and spirit. Nutritionists are becoming more important, for they provide the best knowledge for personal prevention of illness and chronic disease.

Herbalists know how to prepare the best plant-based medicinal extracts to empower self healing in the body. Metaphysical healers work with the patient’s mindset, thoughts, and beliefs; likewise in homeopathic medicine, the placebo effect is real and powerful. Naturopaths are skilled at integrating therapeutic natural medicines and detoxification protocols that are safer and less invasive, like intravenous vitamin C therapy.

Indigenous healing is keen on identifying underlying spiritual and emotional causes of disease. Physical trainers work directly with the kinesiology of the body. Chiropractors are knowledgeable of adjustments to the spine for proper alignment of the body. Chinese medicine is aware of the body’s energy systems and capable of adapting treatments to maximize the body’s own healing.

Integration and greater understanding of these systems is essential for the future of healthcare. The food system and food policy are equally important. Also, clean air, water, and soil are more important than economic success.

New book lays out principles for integration of non-invasive, natural approaches to allopathic standards of medicine

In Dr. Sircus’s new book, he seeks to “increase the healing power of doctors and other health care practitioners as well as give power to the patients themselves.” This book could help open the eyes of those who are closed off from the wisdom of competing medical paradigms. There are many lower cost strategies that work and less invasive treatments for treating cancer that activate the individuals own immune system. There are plant-based extracts that are safer and less expensive than synthetic drugs. The inclusion of midwives in childbirth leads to more natural deliveries and less surgical intervention.

Dr. Sircus delves into various topics that could revolutionize care, including self confrontation, mindset, breathing techniques, and fasting. He explores less invasive ways on how to starve cancer cells and how to maximize mitochondrial energy production. He writes about pH and baking soda and various eating protocols that help the body eliminate wastes more effectively and utilize nutrients. He talks about the importance of clean water and the additives in water that are inflicting harm on cellular processes. He informs on the importance of antioxidants found in plants and the therapeutic effect of minerals such as selenium, magnesium and iodine.

After Watching This You Will Never Buy Cough Drops Ever Again

During the winter, we all need to prepare for the colds and flu it brings about. Respiratory conditions are quite common during this season, so you can save a lot of energy and visits to the doctor, if you know a way to prevent them.

Also, often after the cold days, we suffer from a persistent cough that lingers on for weeks on end and can be extremely irritating.

Of course, you probably know hundreds of existing over-the-counter medicines that promise to relieve your cough. However, we all know that there is nothing better than an effective home remedy.

Consequently, we will now offer you a way to avoid all those medications and cough drops, and use a natural cough inhibitor instead. What’s more, it is far more effective than the store-bought versions!

  • ½ teaspoon ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cloves
  • some fresh lemon juice
  • some organic honey
  • some water
  • some brown sugar

Mix the following ingredients in a small saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil. Then, simmer until you get a syrupy consistency and let it cool. When the mixture cools, mold into drops.

All the ingredients used are extremely health beneficial as they effectively relieve persistent coughs. Cloves are abundant in antibacterial properties and reduce mucus, ginger supports your immune system and relieves pain and nausea, lemon juice is abundant in vitamin C and honey is a powerful antiseptic and a natural cough inhibitor.

Gym workouts for women

Give your gym workout an upgrade and watch the results pour in...
We're well aware that time spent on the treadmill can often stand still. If you're bored of your gym routine, help is at hand. With our favourite ways to get fit in the gym, you'll never have to spend an hour on the treadmill again! High five to that.

1. Tabata

From time saving to fat burn, high-intensity exercise is one of the best ways to get more bang for your buck at the gym. And the fastest method? It's got to be Tabata. Warm-up and cool-down aside, the workout lasts only four minutes including rest periods. There really are no cons to this no-frills, super-speedy method. Don't forget to do some mobility exercises to warm up and stretches to cool down.

Perform 20 seconds of a resistance exercise such as squats, kettlebell swings or medicine ball slams, followed by 10 seconds complete rest. Repeat eight times.

2. Circuits

If you have a little more time, make use of the fancy equipment on offer at the gym. Good health clubs will have TRX, kettlebells and sandbags on offer, and you'd be a fool not to use them. Check out our Workout Routines for ways to work out using all kinds of gym equipment. Remember to keep rest periods short and intensity high if your goal is to burn fat.

3. Cardio

If you prefer using cardio machines but don't fancy a spin class, why not combine various machines in one session to avoid getting bored? Try 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the rowing machine - you could even throw in some resistance exercises between each transition to spice things up. Interval training is a good option, but beginners can always start off with a steady pace.


We have been taught to believe that weight loss is a matter of simple math, calories in and calories out. We are told to eat less and exercise more. This isn’t the full story though…

When it comes to burning more calories than you consume, this popular weight loss math only applies to perfect hormonal specimens; people who have their cortisol, thyroid, insulin, estrogen and testosterone in perfect balance. Ironically, these are rarely the people who need to drop a few pounds.

For this reason, we are providing a recipe that helps balance your hormones while speeding up your metabolism at the same time:

  • 1 teaspoon organic green tea
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
How to Prepare:

Boil water, stir in all of the ingredients and let them soak for 15 minutes, then strain.

How to Use:

Drink just 3 cups of this fat-burning tea for 2-3 weeks.

As your metabolism plays the most important role in burning excess fat, the ideal time to boost it is immediately after waking up. This is how you ensure that your body will burn fat all day long. Drink the first cup of this tea on an empty stomach in the morning.

Drink the 2nd cup immediately after breakfast and the 3rd right before bedtime.

*Don’t drink this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Tip for Success:

Maintaining a diet diary so you will be able to track what you have been consuming the entire day. This is something you can’t just guess at and expect results. This forces you to get honest about what you are really eating on a daily/weekly basis.

Anytime I have had a client or friend do this it always surprises them because we usually feel like we are eating a lot healthier than we are, but the truth is most of us eat a lot of comfort foods in snack form that we don’t consider.

When I did this exercise, I discovered I was eating pizza 3 times a week when I thought it was like only once. This kind of thing matters a lot!

And it goes without saying, but I have to say it, this protocol needs to be used with nutrient-dense, low-calorie diet, and regular exercise.

Ancient German Recipe That Unclogs Arteries, Prevents Infections and Reduces High Cholesterol

The following recipe originates from Germany and has been used for centuries as a treatment for many diseases from atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and fatigue to cold and infections.

If you’re suffering from poor immunity or you need a liver detox this recipe is perfect for you as well.

You only need four ingredients to prepare this drink:

For the preparation of this powerful drink you will need only four ingredients.

• 4 organic lemons along with the peel

• one ginger root (3-4 cm) or two tablespoons of grated ginger

• 4 large garlic heads • 2 liters of water


Scrub and wash the lemons thoroughly and cut them into pieces. Peel the garlic. Take the lemons, ginger and garlic and put them in a blender. Blend until everything is combined. Pour the mixture in a pan and add the water. Bring it to boil, stirring continuously. Set it aside and leave it to cool down.  When it’s cooled down strain the liquid and pour it in a bottle or jar.

Drink one glass on an empty stomach two hours before every meal for 3 weeks. After the initial 3 weeks take a one week break and start again for 3 more weeks. You can add some honey to sweeten it if you don’t like the taste.

You’ll feel the positive effects of this remedy during the first three weeks. You’ll feel refreshed, more energized and invigorated. This amazing remedy can be very effective against kidney stones and vascular congestion as well.

Clean Your Body Out of Toxins With This Rare Pineapple Diet

Pineapple is much more than a delicious treat; it is loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants that protect your cells from damage caused by exposure to harmful substances. Bromelain, a mixture of substances found in pineapple, has been shown to reduce inflammation, inhibit tumor growth, and prevent excessive blood clotting when given in therapeutic doses.

Eating this superfood and other fruits may also protect your eyes against macular degeneration, according to a study published in the June 2004 issue of “Archives of Ophthalmology.” The substances found in pineapple also aid in energy production and provide support for the immune system.

Nutrient Profile

Many of the health benefits of pineapple come from its high vitamin C content. Your body uses vitamin C to protect your DNA and other molecules from damage caused by reactive oxygen species and free radicals. You also need vitamin C to produce collagen and enhance iron absorption. Pineapple is an excellent source of manganese, a mineral needed to form strong bones, connective tissue, and sex hormones. Manganese helps regulate your blood sugar level, aids in calcium absorption, and plays a role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Other nutrients found in pineapple include:
  • Fiber, critical for digestion and weight loss (for even more fiber, try brazil nuts)
  • Folic acid, important for red blood cell production and helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Pantothenic acid, needed for energy production and fat metabolism
  • Vitamin B1, or thiamin is food for the nervous system and reduces risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Vitamin B6, critical for brain health and metabolism of carbs
  • Copper, is needed for tissue strength in bones and blood cells
Pineapple – The natural born detoxifier

There are many toxins in our body. Somehow we found a way to live with them. They are slowly damaging our bodies. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to do your best and clear them out of your body. Of course, your body does that by itself. But with all the other tasks it does, I think it’s time for you to help the process. By the show of hands, how many of you drink at least 2 liters of water per day?

Let me guess, you forgot to drink water today. The worldwide results are devastating. Your body is a powerful machine that needs to be fueled to stay healthy. Either way, it will get rusty and there are the diseases to give you bigger problems. To avoid all that here is a diet that will help you detoxify your body.

Before we get down to it and you start making it you should know this

The pineapple diet is interesting way of eliminating the retained fluid in the body. It’s made like an eating plan for 4 days that will allow you to drop few kilos and detoxify your body. You should be warned that the excessive use of this diet could lead to different results. As you know your body needs all nutritional requirements to be in a good shape and health. Perform this diet for 4 days and nothing more. After that, get back on your healthy diet.

Let’s start:

Day 1
  • Breakfast – 2 Slices of organic pineapple + whole-grain toast spread with low sugar jam
  • Lunch – 2 Slices of organic pineapple with 200 grams of grilled tuna, seasoned with olive oil, pepper and salt
  • Dinner – 2 slices of pineapple with 200 grams of chicken breast grilled and lettuce salad dressed with olive oil and vinegar
Day 2
  • Breakfast – 2 Slices of pineapple with a slice of bread spread with low-fat cheese
  • Lunch – Beef steak grilled, seasoned with tablespoon of olive oil and 2 slices of pineapple for dessert
  • Dinner – Make a light cream with purifying plant vegetables. Finish with two slices of pineapple
Day 3
  • Repeat menu of Day 1
Day 4
  • Repeat the menu of Day 2
This diet seems very interesting. This is a low-calorie diet and you can expect some feelings of hunger, lack of energy and anxiety. Don’t be scared of that. You’ll get used to it. That’s your body reacting on this diet. It needs time to understand what’s going on. People who are suffering from HBP, diabetes, and kidney problems should avoid this diet. Consult a doctor before taking a step further. Make sure the features of this fruit are not interacting with the chemicals in the drugs you are taking for your problem.

Who’s up for this challenge? I really think I will try it. Maybe some of your friends will get interested into this. Why don’t you share it and see who is going to join you.

Improve Your Posture With This 30-Day Challenge

We all have memories of our parents, grandparents, and even teachers telling us to sit and stand up straight. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to maintain great posture in the modern day. People have become so obsessed with their phones and computers that just about everyone have bad posture. It’s practically an epidemic, and it’s one that barely anyone is willing to acknowledge.

The real problem is that posture affects the body as a whole. It’s more than just having rounded shoulders and keeping your chin forward. Putting your whole body forward like that forces your butt to stick out, which tightens the calves and sends your whole body out of alignment.

Bad posture is a bigger problem than most people realise. When you’re young it doesn’t feel like it, but the pain associated with bad posture quickly makes itself known as you get older. That pain your back that you can’t explain? It’s likely caused by years of ignoring the advice to sit and stand up straight. Bending your spine can even cause you to shrink at a faster pace than usual. Keep good posture to keep your health and height.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get back into the right shape.

Start out by creating an ergonomic workstation. This includes getting yourself a stand-up desk. If you can’t get a stand-up desk, then adjust the chair you sit in so that you can sit straight with shoulders back and your chest open, and keep your computer screen(s) as centered as possible. When you read things on your cell phone, you need to hold the phone up to your eyes rather than craning your neck down. Get yourself an earpiece for your phone so that you aren’t moving your head towards the handset or holding it between your shoulder and ear. A hands-free headset allows you to sit comfortably while you use your phone. If you ever make calls on your computer then you likely use a headset, so why not use one with your actual phone as well? Bluetooth headsets are also cheap and plentiful these days, so you should have no issue finding one within your price range.

If you want to get serious about correcting your posture problem, then why not try a good 30-day challenge filled with back exercises to correct your posture? Get more information here. This challenge will lengthen your tight muscles and strengthen the weaker ones to get you standing taller and alleviating the pain in your back and neck. It’s important to take the exercises slowly and focus on your form. There’s no point to doing exercises to correct your posture if you do them with bad posture! Any exercise is only as effective as the form you hold when doing it. Even a great exercise does nothing if you don’t do it properly. Take things slow and keep form.

Keep in mind that having good posture isn’t about squeezing the shoulder blades together and sitting as if you’ve got some kind of metal rod keeping your spine straight. Having the right muscles work the right way will make posture feel natural and aligned while keeping you upright. Keeping your back straight shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. If anything, being crouched down makes you feel uncomfortable, right? So why do you do it? Sit up straight, just like your parents used to tell you to!

If you’re ready, then take a look at the challenge and get started! In 30 days you’ll have the posture that you – and your parents – have always dreamed you would have!